High Pressure Carbon Steel Adsorber

TIGG's CANSORB L Series High Pressure Steel Vessel GAC Modular Adsorbers are fabricated of carbon steel for operation under high pressure. They feature an NSF certified high solids epoxy lining for excellent corrosion protection.

The CANSORB L steel high pressure vessel is a versatile liquid phase unit designed to contain activated carbon and may contain other filtration media such as organic or ion exchange resins. These units are ideal for either longer term installations or where backwashing is not required. Drain fitting is supplied for removing liquid below outlet.

The liquid collection system inside the vessel is designed to promote even flow distribution and thus, efficient adsorbent utilization. Vessels are supplied with maximum adsorbent fill volume and may be backwashed when the bed is shortened. Manways are quick release style and are 14"x18" for easy access (except CL500's supplied with 12" x16" manway). The vessels are provided with fork channels which also function as supports. 

Specifications and properties are subject to change without notice.

CANSORB L High Pressure Carbon Steel Activated Carbon Adsorbers

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Max Flow
Max Press
Max Temp
(deg F)
Standard Fill
Shipping Weight
Std. Fill

CL500 40 75 130 2/2 30/72 500 1,075
CL1000 55 75 130 2/2 36/98 1,000 1,860
CL2000 100 75 130 3/3 48/102 2,000 3,150
CL3000 155 75 130 3/3 60/105 3,000 4,700
CL5000 225 75 130 4/4 72/134 5,000 7,850
Pressure Drop Chart CANSORB L
  • Desired contact time may require lower flow rates
  • Dry virgin activated or reactivated carbon provided as standard adsorbent
  • Standard adsorbent fill is based on a bed density of 27 lb/ft3
  • Adsorbent fill can differ based on media density and alternate adsorbents
  • Pressure drops are based on a dense packed bed of activated carbon
  • Connections are FNPT except CL5000 which has flanged connections

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