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Activated Carbon Adsorption Solutions

Activated carbon adsorption is an effective technology for environmental remediation, industrial processing and municipal water treatment to remove trace contaminants from both air and water. TIGG designs and manufactures activated carbon adsorption equipment, activated carbon filters, and pressure vessels filled with a variety of filtration and GAC adsorption media.

Purifying Air and Water

Activated Carbon Adsorption Equipment
TIGG manufactures Activated Carbon Adsorption Equipment for sale or rent. These GAC Adsorbers are used for remediation and other purposes.

TIGG has been engineering and manufacturing steel tanks and pressure vessels to be used as activated carbon adsorbers and activated carbon filters for more than 37 years. Building on our manufacturing experience, we fabricate standard and custom steel tanks and pressure vessels such as adsorption units, multi-media filters, hydro pneumatic tanks, air receivers, mud-tanks for drilling, and other vessels in our ASME code shop.

In addition to providing activated carbon equipment, TIGG’s experienced engineers work with clients to design integrated activated carbon systems. TIGG also provides a variety of services including activated carbon filtration equipment rental programs, various types of activated carbon, and other filtration media and activated carbon exchange service change outs.

Activated Carbon Adsorbers, Liquid & Vapor Phase GAC Equipment
Activated Carbon Adsorbers & Equipment TIGG designs and manufactures activated carbon filtration equipment and systems to remove trace contaminants from air and water. TIGG manufactures more than 60 standard activated carbon adsorbers and systems for vapor and liquid applications.

Granular Activated Carbon GAC Filtration & Adsorption Media
Activated Carbon Filtration Media

TIGG's adsorption media includes a variety of granular activated carbons, including: coal-based activated carbon, wood-based activated carbon, and coconut-based activated carbon. Additionally we provide sand and anthracite, zeolite, and other filter media for adsorbing oil and removing dissolved metals.

Municipal Drinking Water GAC Adsorption & Filtration Equipment
Municipal GAC Equipment TIGG specializes in providing equipment and systems for removal of disinfection byproducts, metals, organics, and solids in the municipal water treatment market using activated carbon filters and other multimedia adsorbers. We offer standard systems as well as customized options.

Spent Activated Carbon Exchange Services & GAC Rental Vessels
Activated Carbon Exchange- Elia & Lee

TIGG provides activated carbon exchange services to remove spent activated carbon and other filtration media, including transportation, and proper disposal of the spent media. TIGG also offers additional environmental remediation services including activated carbon equipment and systems rentals.

Environmental Remediation Liquid & Vapor Phase Solutions & Equipment
Activated Carbon Filtration Systems for Environmental Remediation TIGG offers environmental remediation solutions by providing activated carbon equipment, activated carbon systems, and multimedia filtration systems. TIGG can custom design the equipment and systems to meet your specific application needs.

Industrial Process Control Tank Vent Adsorption & Filtration Solutions

Activated Carbon Filtration Systems for Industrial Process Control TIGG offers a variety of industrial process control solutions including odor removal, tank and process vents, and fumigation utilizing activated carbon filtration. TIGG can custom design process control equipment and systems to meet your specific application needs.

TIGG’s experienced technical and engineering experts will work with you to solve your environmental remediation, industrial process or municipal water treatment needs.

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