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PCB Removal and PCB Equipment Treating PFCs—Perfluorinated Compounds

What are PFCs and where to they come from?

PFOA/PFOS are fully fluorinated, synthetic compounds that persist indefinitely in the environment. They are used as an additive in several products ranging from coatings (such as PTFE) to water repellents to firefighting foams.

The TIGG Solution

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) has been shown to be both effective and economical for PCB removal. The TIGG CP20K-10 and CP20K-12 deep bed, backwashable, dual vessel skid adsorption systems using any of TIGG’s coal, coconut, wood, or resin granulated activated carbon media removes PFOA and PFOS to non-detectable levels in potable water.

Rapid Response

Our systems can be installed in 8 hours or less!


Our equipment and control systems detect and contain transformer leaks, determine flow interruptions (if any occur) and isolate transformers. TIGG has produced thousands of these adsorbers and hundreds of associated control systems – all with zero defect records.

In addition, these systems save you time and hassle and can operate unattended for months at a time. Find out more today! Our equipment can either be purchased or rented.

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