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Municipal Water Treatment Solutions to Ensure Quality Water Purification for Your Customers!

Municipal drinking water providers looking to quickly come into regulatory compliance or to solve other potable water problems where activated carbon is the answer turn to TIGG. You can purchase or rent reliable adsorption and filtration vessels and other water-related equipment.

We offer a complete range of water treatment equipment and systems including NSF-certified TIGG purification equipment, activated carbon adsorption media and spent media exchange services for removal of disinfection byproducts, VOCs, organics, and solids in the municipal water treatment market.

For more than 40 years, TIGG has engineered and built pressure vessels as GAC adsorbers and multi-media filters. We fabricate tanks up to 14 ft. in diameter and have supplied numerous systems to the municipal market. TIGG has an experienced staff to work with you on your specific municipal water treatment needs.

To learn more information about TIGG’s Municipal Water Treatment Solutions or to request a quote, see above and fill out the form or call the phone number today!

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