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Emergency Water Storage Tanks

We offer a complete range of water treatment equipment and systems including vessels, media, and media exchange services to handle ongoing water treatment operations.
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Emergency Water Storage Tanks

When utility services are interrupted during natural disasters, providing large quantities of water from potable water storage units is a necessity. TIGG’s potable water storage tanks are a major component of an Enhanced Hurricane Protection Area (EHPA) emergency drinking water system.

Emergency Potable Water Tank

TIGG fabricates both horizontal emergency water storage tanks and vertical potable water containment units from 516-70 pressure quality steel in many sizes.

Currently, a number of TIGG EHPA emergency water storage tanks are in use in disaster-prone areas, such as Florida, to ensure that local citizens have drinking water during hurricane emergencies.

TIGG manufactures large-capacity water storage tanks up to 14 feet in diameter in its ASME code shop. We fabricate steel tanks and pressure vessels of various sizes in carbon steel and stainless steel. Depending on your system requirements, we can deliver either horizontal emergency water storage units or vertical water containment tanks.

Additionally, TIGG can apply a variety of linings and finish coatings to your emergency water storage tank. Some of the internal linings include high solids epoxy and vinyl esters and outside coatings consists of solid epoxy with urethane top coats for superior corrosion prevention and UV protection.

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