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TIGG manufactures activated carbon adsorption equipment and provides liquid and vapor treatment solutions for municipal water, environmental remediation applications, and industrial manufacturing facilities.

We offer a complete range of water treatment equipment and systems including vessels, media, and media exchange services to handle ongoing water treatment operations.

Our granular activated carbon (GAC) adsorption remediation systems remove organic and metal contaminants caused by past industrial pollution, pesticide leaching, landfill leachate and other sources.


Our standard activated carbon water purification systems handle 50 to 750 gpm. We can custom design equipment for your specific needs.

TIGG’s liquid phase activated carbon filter, or adsorber, with granular activated carbon can treat the water, separate solids, and waste, and remove contaminants, thereby returning safe, remediated water back into the environment.

TIGG has the filtration/adsorption technology to effectively remove PCB contamination found in river sediments, groundwater, and lagoon remediation applications to non-detectable levels.

TIGG provides soil vapor extraction equipment that is used during the dual phase process of liquid and vapor filtration. We have a large, in-stock inventory of equipment available for sale or ready to rent.

Vapor Emission

TIGG has a wide array of vapor phase activated carbon adsorption options available, ranging from 55-gallon drums up to integrated adsorption systems capable of handling flow rates up to 20,000 CFM.

TIGG offers a variety of activated carbon equipment, vessels, and filter media specifically designed for odor removal.