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Multimedia Filtration Units

Multimedia filtration vessels, such as TIGG’s Cansorb series are ideal for filtering turbidity from liquid streams before an activated carbon polishing phase. Multimedia filters are used in municipal water treatment, industrial process water management, and environmental remediation applications.

TIGG supplies mono media filters and multi-media filter vessels for integrated liquid phase systems. In a typical liquid-phase environmental remediation system, multimedia filters remove some of the remaining contaminants from water that has already passed through a frac tank.

Built-in our ASME Code facility from pressure vessel quality steel, these multimedia water filters come standard with high solids epoxy lining. Additionally, they can be coated with customized linings at a client’s request. TIGG has a large in-stock inventory of multi-media filters available for sale or ready to rent. We can also build custom multi-media filters to your specifications.

TIGG provides a variety of multimedia packages including sand, garnet, and zeolite media. All garnet, sand, and zeolite media packs have the capability to produce suspended solids reduction in applications having particles above 10 microns. Polishing filtration may be required for downstream processing. Back-washing requirements for these products range from 12-15 gpm/ft2 with anthracite to 15-20 gpm/ft2 with sand and gravel.

CP2000CANSORB P & CANSORB Activated Carbon
Multimedia Filter Series

The CANSORB P Series High-Pressure Carbon Steel Modular Carbon Adsorption system is fabricated of PVQ (pressure vessel quality) carbon steel and provided with a high solids epoxy lining. Where process conditions dictate, the carbon adsorption vessels can be fabricated from other materials, such as stainless steel.

Also, a different lining can be substituted for the high solids epoxy. The liquid collection system promotes even flow distribution. Manways are 18″ x 14″ elliptical located on top of the tank for easy access. The vessels are provided with legs and fork channels.

Specifications and properties are subject to change without notice.

Systems Drawings and Pressure Drops

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TIGG has over 40 years of experience in developing a broad range of activated carbon filters, adsorption equipment, and services for environmental remediation all over North America. We develop, design and manufacture equipment for the removal of trace contaminants from air, water, process liquids, and gases.