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Econo L | Activated Carbon Adsorber Polyethylene Drum

Econo-LThe ECONO L is a liquid phase granular activated carbon adsorption system for environmental remediation and institutional and facility water conditioning and purification applications.

The ECONO L drum activated carbon adsorption system is designed for environmental remediation and institutional water conditioning applications. This activated carbon adsorber features dependable performance and competitive pricing. The ECONO-L GAC adsorption drum unit can withstand the rigors of environmental remediation applications and facility water purification since it is constructed of polyethylene with a closed head. This carbon adsorption system features a specially constructed collection system, which is designed to promote even flow distribution and thus efficient utilization of the activated carbon and have a low pressure drop. 

Specifications and properties are subject to change without notice.

Systems Drawings and Pressure Drops


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TIGG has 40 years of experience in developing a broad range of activated carbon filters, adsorption equipment, and services for environmental remediation all over North America. We develop, design and manufacture equipment for the removal of trace contaminants from air, water, process liquids, and gases.