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GAC Drum Filter Units

Economical vapor phase activated carbon filtration drum filters and liquid phase activated carbon filter units are a great way to minimize capital costs and receive quick delivery, and the filter drum installation is an easy set up process. TIGG has a variety of activated carbon media for both liquid and vapor phase applications and our technical experts can work with you to select the best GAC filtration drum and activated carbon media to meet your needs.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Odor Removal in Industrial Processes
  • Chlorine Removal from Municipal Water
  • Food and Beverage, Water, Air-gas
  • VOC Containment in Emissions
  • Wastewater Purification
  • Chemical Compound Applications

Vapor Phase Activated Carbon Drums

TIGG’s vapor phase GAC drum filters are ideal for removing VOCs in industrial manufacturing applications, to control vapor emissions and as odor control systems. The GAC adsorption drums can be used for tank vents, landfills, sumps and other vapor phase applications. TIGG also offers the NITOX Blower Pack available for use in vapor phase applications with low flow requirements.

GAC Vapor Phase Drum Filters

Vapor Phase
Max Flow
Max Pressure
Max Temp
(Deg. F)
Standard Fill
NIXTOX XP Drum100-1506130200-400
NIXTOX Steel Drum100-2506200200-400
ECONO V Steel Drum1006200175

Liquid Phase Granular Activated Carbon Drums

TIGG’s liquid phase GAC drum adsorbers utilize a wide variety of media including coal and wood based GAC and coconut activated carbon. TIGG’s liquid phase drums are ideal to treat streams from groundwater remediation and storm water. The units also help purify industrial wastewater and are used in institutional and facility water conditioning and purification applications.

GAC Liquid Phase Drum Filters

Liquid Phase
Max Flow
Max Pressure
Max Temp
(Deg. F)
Fill (lbs.)
C-15 Special Drum1515130200
ECONO L Liquid Drum156130150-200
ECONO LS Steel Drum156130200

For more information about TIGG’s Granular Activated Carbon Drum Filters, call 1-724-703-3020 or click here to contact us.


TIGG has over 40 years of experience in developing a broad range of activated carbon filters, adsorption equipment, and services for environmental remediation all over North America. We develop, design and manufacture equipment for the removal of trace contaminants from air, water, process liquids, and gases.