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Pipe Rack Modules & Hose Kits

Pipe RackPipe Rack Modules

TIGG offers a full range of pipe racks to operate the CANSORB integrated liquid phase systems. These liquid phase pipe racks permit backwashing and provide the flexibility of integrating adsorption systems by allowing two adsorption vessels to operate in series, lead lag, or single vessel. The 12-valve pipe rack permits the backwashing of one vessel while the other is on stream. Some pipe rack modules include pressure relief valves, pressure gauges to monitor each vessel, and sample valves. In other cases, the vessels themselves include this equipment. TIGG can also design a custom pipe rack for a three-vessel system. Automatic controls and other materials of construction are options.

Hose Kits

TIGG’s hose kits are ideal when the application is temporary or cost is a concern. Hose kits include adaptors to connect the CANSORB flange connections to quick connects and to a hose with quick connect ends. The single hose kit is for one CANSORB vessel, and the dual kit allows two CANSORB vessels to be used in series.

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