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Oil Water Separator

Oil water separators are used when a liquid phase waste stream contains free oil and sediment, as well as organics that need to be removed in order to meet discharge requirements.

Although activated carbon and other media in an oil water separator can remove free oil, the cost is generally prohibitive. Therefore, it is economical to use an oil water separator, which can generally remove oil to a level of 10-15 ppm, depending on the internals which are selected.

TIGG provides above ground oil water separators on a rental basis. These oil water separators include the following features:

  • High efficiency for removing free oil and sediment
  • Manual or automatic control of flow
  • Manual or automatic provision for removal of separated oil and sediment
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Coalescing media for enhanced removal of minute oil droplets to produce an effluent of 10 ppm or less
  • Corrosion resistant materials of construction
  • Oil water separators are available in sizes from 5 – 5000 gpm

TIGG provides oil water separators to remove oil and certain solids from various types of liquids. This equipment assists in removing contaminants prior to further treatment of wastewater.


Emulsified oils, either chemically or mechanically emulsified, will not separate in a gravity oil water separator. Therefore, either gravity or a positive displacement pump must be used to introduce the water into the oil water separator. Alternately, cleaning chemicals or quick release detergents can be used to release the emulsion.

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