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Activated Carbon Equipment for All Your Remediation, Industrial Processing & Municipal Water Treatment Needs

TIGG delivers total solutions to its customers and offers a complete line of liquid phase and vapor phase granular activated carbon (GAC) adsorption systems and equipment including:

  • Liquid Phase Adsorber Systems and Equipment
  • Vapor Phase Adsorber Systems and Equipment
  • Liquid & Vapor Activated Carbon Drum Filter Units
  • Used Activated Carbon Adsorber Systems and Equipment
  • Activated Carbon Adsorber Integrated Systems
  • Ancillary Equipment for Adsorbers

With both standard and custom drum capabilities, our activated carbon equipment is built to your specific needs.

We also offer complementary equipment and services, including spent media management programs, particulate filtration, integrated systems, and equipment rental programs.

To learn more information about TIGG’s Activated Carbon Equipment Solutions or to request a quote, see above and fill out the form or call the phone number today!

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