Steel Drum

These economical deep bed activated carbon adsorption units may be used as refillable or disposable adsorbers. Rain shields are available and condensate drains are standard. The activated carbon units are constructed of carbon steel and provided with a double epoxy/phenolic lining. All adsorption units feature specially constructed vapor distributors to permit full adsorbent utilization and peak removal efficiency.

Custom distributors for high temperature applications are available upon request. Specifications and properties for these vapor phase activated carbon drums are subject to change without notice.

NIXTOX Steel Drum Adsorber Information

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Flow (cfm)
Max Temp
(deg F)
Std. Adsorbent
Shipping Wt
Std. Fill
N-50 50 6 200 2 110 150
N-100 100 6 200 2 200 260
N-150 150 6 200 2 300 390
N-250 250 6 130 4 400 530
Pressure Drop Chart NIXTOX Steel Drum
NIXTOX Steel Drum
  • Nominal design flow may be conservative. Desired contact time may allow higher or lower flow rates
  • Dry virgin activated or reactivated carbon provided as standard adsorbent
  • Adsorbent fill is based on a bed density of 27 lb/ft3
  • Adsorbent fill can differ based on variable bed density and alternate adsorbents
  • Pressure drops are based on a dense packed bed of activated carbon

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