Municipal Water Treatment Systems
Municipal Water Treatment Systems from TIGG are designed for local municipalities and communities to handle and ensure quality water purification for their customers. We offer a complete range of water treatment equipment and systems including vessels, media, and media exchange services to handle ongoing water treatment operations.

Municipal water treatment operators providing residential and industrial potable water use NSF-certified TIGG purification equipment, activated carbon adsorption media and spent media exchange services for removal of disinfection byproducts, VOCs, organics, and solids in the municipal water treatment market.

TIGG sells and rents drinking water purification equipment such as sand filters, multimedia filtration units, pressure filters, and other complimentary equipment as part of integrated drinking water treatment systems. TIGG also offers other potable water treatment services including water treatment equipment rental programs and carbon exchange services. TIGG has an experienced staff to work with you on your specific municipal water treatment facility needs.

In addition to drinking water purification systems, TIGG manufactures potable water storage tanks, hydropneumatic surge tanks, and wastewater treatment vessels.

Municipal Water Treatment Systems

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Municipal Wastewater Treatment

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Municipal Water Treatment Systems - Case Studies

TIGG Awarded Contracts for Two Municipal Water Projects
Oakdale, PA (February 26, 2014) - Expanding its client base in the municipal drinking water market, TIGG LLC recently won two separate competitively-bid contracts on Long Island, New York, to provide drinking water purification equipment. The two contracts are worth a combined $500,000.
Dual-Vessel Skid System Purifies Drinking Water
TIGG's GAC adsorption systems are being used by a Texas municipal water provider to proactively remove TOCs and THMs from a potable surface water supply to reduce potential for formation of disinfection by-products (DBP) in the distribution system, and to ensure compliance with EPA Stage 2 DBP Regulations.
Success of Rental Equipment Leads Municipal Water Provider to Buy
A Delaware potable water provider rented and installed two TIGG CANSORB CP-3000 activated carbon adsorption vessels. The combined GAC potable water purification system handled a maximum flow rate of 0.7 mgpd. According to the drinking water provider, before Well #2 was put online with the two rented vessels running in parallel, sampling was done before and after the filtration vessels. Once the filtration units were installed, testing revealed the contaminant influent level was 4.5 micrograms per liter and after treatment the effluent level was less than 0 micrograms per liter. When looking to purchase new GAC units, the municipal water provider decided to upgrade from the rent al units and go with two TIGG GAC adsorbers with a combined maximum flow rate of 1.4 mgpd. This upgrade allowed the system to operate at higher flow rates and the larger carbon bed increased the amount of time in between spent carbon change outs.

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