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As a supplier of various types of activated carbon media for both liquid phase and vapor phase adsorption, TIGG created the activated carbon knowledge base to help share an understanding of activated carbon. The knowledge base details how activated carbon filters and adsorbers can be used in environmental remediation applications, industrial process solutions, and other situations where air or water needs to be purified.

The TIGG staff has compiled years of experience working with activated carbon and is presenting their helpful technical data to give a better understanding of what activated carbon is and how the industry uses activated carbon to solve air and water purification issues. Click on the links to view a web version of the articles; for a printable version, click on the PDF icon.

White Papers & Downloadable PDFs

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PDFWhat is Activated Carbon and How Does It Work?

PDFProperties of Activated Carbon

PDFWhy are Activated Carbons Different?

PDFHow Activated Carbon Works for a Specific Application

PDFPCB Removal Using Activated Carbon

PDFPurification of Amines and Glycols


PDFActivated Carbon for Mercury Removal

PDFCatalyst & Equipment Protection

PDFGranular Activated Carbon Selection Criteria

PDFActivated Carbon Processes for Liquids

PDFManufactured Gas Plants & Activated Carbon

PDFVOC Containment | Capturing & Cleansing Contaminants

PDFRoles of Granular Activated Carbon in Gas Conditioning

PDFMajor Considerations for POU Treatment Design

PDFProper Carbon Preparation Ensures Full Bed Utilization

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