• Activated Carbon Filter Vessels

    Activated Carbon Filter Equipment

    - filtration equipment and adsorption systems to remove trace contaminants from air and water
  • Activated Carbon GAC Filter MEdia

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    Activated Carbon GAC Filter Media

    - adsorption media including: virgin coal activated carbon, virgin coconut activated carbon, and reactivated carbon
    - sand, anthracite, zeolite, and other filter media for adsorbing oil and removing dissolved metals
  • Municipal Water Purification

    Municipal Water Purification

    - equipment and systems for removal of disinfection byproducts, PFOA/PFOS, metals, organics, and solids
  • Environmental Remediation Filtration Equipment

    Environmental Remediation Systems

    - ideal for groundwater treatment, MGP plant site remediation, air stripper, PCB removal, odor removal, soil vapor extraction, and storm water treatment
  • Spent Activated Carbon Changeouts

    Spent Activated Carbon Changeouts

    - changeout your spent liquid phase or vapor phase activated carbon bed and replace it with fresh media
  • Industrial Air and Water Purification

    Industrial Air and Water Purification

    - ideal for tank vent, odor removal, storm water runoff, and VOC containment to purify liquid and gas streams

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Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Adsorption Solutions

Granular activated carbon adsorption is an effective solution for purification in environmental remediation and municipal water treatment applications to remove trace contaminants from both vapors and liquids. It is also effective in applications for industrial processing in the purification of liquids and vapors. For nearly 40 years, TIGG has been designing and manufacturing activated carbon adsorption equipment, filters, and pressure vessels filled with a variety of activated carbons, filtration media, and other sorbents for purification. TIGG's standard and custom steel tanks and pressure vessels, including adsorption units, multimedia filters, hydropneumatic tanks, air receivers, and other vessels, are manufactured in our ASME code shop. In addition to providing activated carbon equipment, TIGG's experienced technical staff works with clients to select pre-engineered equipment or design custom activated carbon systems. TIGG also provides additional services, such as activated carbon filtration equipment rental programs, the supply of various types of activated carbon and other filtration media, and activated carbon and filtration media exchange services.
Liquid Phase Adsorbers

Liquid Phase Adsorbers

Liquid phase activated carbon adsorption equipment removes organic contaminants from water. TIGG's GAC adsorbers are used in a variety of industries and applications for filtration. <<<More
Vapor Phase Adsorbers

Vapor Phase Adsorbers

Vapor phase activated carbon adsorption systems are designed for filtering contaminated air resulting from remediation of contaminated soil, industrial odor control, and other processes that pollute air streams. <<<More
Activated Carbon Resources

Activated Carbon Resources

As a supplier of various types of activated carbon media and adsorption equipment for both liquid phase and vapor phase adsorption, TIGG created an activated carbon resource center to help share an understanding of activated carbon. <<<More
Request Quote

Request Quote

Need a quotation for your project or assistance in determining the right activated carbon adsorption solution or system that best meets your needs and your budget, use our quote request form for an accurate and fast quote. <<<More