Groundwater Treatment Activated Carbon Systems
TIGG's Dual-Vessel Activated Carbon Adsorption Systems are designed to provide versatility to liquid phase filtration projects. Integrated systems can be comprised of two modular activated carbon adsorbers, which allows for backwashing one vessel while the other remains operational. Dual-modular adsorption systems remove dissolved organic compounds from liquid using activated carbon.

Duel VesselTIGG's integrated activated carbon adsorbers are connected by pipe rack systems, which allow two adsorption vessels to operate in series, lead lag, or single vessel.

Also, when operated in a series, the polishing adsorber acts as insurance against carbon breakthrough. In addition to these capabilities, the Integrated Activated Carbon Adsorption System can be operated in parallel for higher flow treatments.

TIGG’s Integrated Activated Carbon Adoption System's pre-engineered pipe rack includes a pressure release valve, pressure gauges to monitor each vessel and sample ports. The TIGG technical team can design a custom pipe rack for a three-vessel system. Automatic controls and other equipment are available as options.

Specifications and properties are subject to change without notice.

Dual-Vessel Activated Carbon Adsorber System Information

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System Model Max Series Flow
Max Press
Max Temp
(deg F)
Standard Fill
Shipping Weight Std. Fill

CP5000 400 75 130 6/6 5,000 11,400
CP10K-8 500 125 150 6/6 10,000 13,400


750 125 150 8/8 20,000 28,600
CP8000 Pressure Drop Curve
  • The CP10K-8, CP20K-10, and CP20K-12Vessels are ASME Section VIII code stamped; other vessels can be manufactured according to these specifications upon request
  • Desired contact time may allow higher or lower flow rates
  • Dry virgin activated or reactivated carbon provided as standard adsorbent
  • Maximum adsorbent fill is based on a bed density of 27 lb/ft3
  • Maximum adsorbent fill can differ based on variable bed density and alternate adsorbents
  • Vessels are available in higher-pressure ratings in accordance with ASME Section VIII
  • Pressure drops are based on a dense packed bed of activated carbon
  • Inlet/outlets are flanged

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