Bag Filters TIGG's liquid phase bag filter housing and activated carbon filters provide reliable and efficient performance in removing suspended solids and gelatinous particles from liquid streams. Multiple liquid phase bag filter housings can be piped in parallel to treat flows greater than 180 gpm or provide duplicity for continuous filtering system operation while bag filters are being changed.

All liquid phase bag filter units are piped with inlet and outlet valves, pressure gauges and sample ports. The liquid to be filtered enters the housing above the bag and passes through the bag from the inside. The solids are collected on the inside of the bag, which is easily removed when the pressure drop across the filter is in the 15-20 psi range.

The water filtration bag filter housing cover, with its swing bolt closure, is easily opened. The housing, legs and retainer screen are made of Type 316 stainless steel, which insures many years of operation. The seals are Buna NTM for the cover and Viton@ for the basket. They are also offered in EPDM and PTFE.

Bag Filter Housing Liquid Filtration Information

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Bag Filters
Multi-Bag Filter
    • Liquid phase multi-bag filter skids can be part of an integrated activated carbon adsorption system. By helping to remove particulates from liquid streams these multi-bag filters are an integral part of many environmental remediation applications.
    • TIGG's liquid phase bag filters, made of polyester, Nomex and PTFE, are obtainable in sizes 0.5 through 200 microns. TIGG offers its line of liquid phase bag filters either by rental or direct sale.

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