Groundwater Treatment Activated Carbon Systems

Short-Term, Large Volume Water Purification

Short-term water purification projects require smart solutions. When you need a GAC adsorption system robust enough to run in parallel at rates from 1,000 gpm to 1,500 gpm, but need it in the field for only a few months, costs can quickly build up while temporary concrete pads are poured or slap-dash supports are put in place to prevent the vessel's legs from sinking into the ground.

CP 20K-10 and CP 10K-8 GAC Adsorption Skid Mounted System

TIGG developed two liquid phase adsorption skid system to stop sinkage, reduce clients' costs, and allow for easy assembly. Setting up the entire two-vessel adsorption system can take one day, simplifying contractors' jobs while reducing labor costs. Ensuring easy pipe rack connectivity, the sturdy carbon steel skids stabilize the vessels on an even plane, without the construction of a concrete pad. TIGG's dual vessel CP10K-8 Skid System holds 20,000 lbs of GAC and handles flow rates up to 500 gpm when operated in series and 1,000 gpm in parallel. The CP20K-10 Skid System holds 40,000 lbs. of activated carbon and handles flow rates up to 750 gpm when operated in series or 1,500 gpm in parallel.

CANSORB P Dual Vessel Skid System Information

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Max Series Flow
Max Press
Max Temp
(deg F)
Standard Fill
Shipping Weight
Std. Fill
CP10K-8 Skid 500 125 130 6/6 20,000 33,000
CP20K-10 Skid 750 125 130 8/8 40,000 40,000
Cost Benefits of Water Treatment Skid Systems
GAC Skid System
  • Besides reducing labor and materials, TIGG's liquid phase adsorber skid systems have other cost-saving benefits. The entire system can fit on one flatbed, which brings down the shipping delivery price. When running the systems in a lead-lag configuration, you get the maximum use out of your activated carbon media, boosting carbon bed longevity.
  • Thanks to TIGG's activated carbon skid systems, remediation companies, municipal water authorities, and energy exploration firms have adsorption systems powerful enough to purify large amounts of water and portable enough to be utilized in parking lots or prepared fields.
  • Desired contact time may allow higher or lower flow rates
  • Dry virgin activated or reactivated carbon provided as standard adsorbent
  • Maximum adsorbent fill is based on a bed density of 27 lb/ft3
  • Maximum adsorbent fill can differ based on variable bed density and alternate adsorbents

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